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We are the premier manufacturer of aerial circus equipment satisfying the needs of clients such as Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Brothers, summer camps and vacation resorts around the world.

What We Make

Bobby's Big Top, Inc. offers a full line of standard and custom aerial circus equipment and netting for a variety of needs.  Check out some of what we have made!

Who We Are

Bobby's Big Top, Inc. (BBT) was founded in 1989 by Bobby Bates, a veteran of the international circus industry.

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What We Do


Since our incorporation in 1985 we have provided custom equipment and program support for a variety of clientele throughout the world.

Our clients include:

  • Circus Professionals including Cirque du Soliel, Ringling Brothers, and numerous professionals around the world.
  • Vacation Resorts Including, Breezes, Superclubs, Viva Whyndam, Club Med, Shangri-la and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line....just to name a few.
  • Summer Camps all over the United States, with more than 20 to date.
  • Municipal complexes and programs.
  • Private studios, health centers, aerialist and even back yard enthusiasts!


Bobby's Big Top, has applied its net building expertise to a variety of needs.  We have built nets to catch aerialists as well as drone aircraft and smoke jumpers! 

We provide nets for baseball, softball, obstacle courses, lacrosse and other sports.

Our nets have been used in residential and professional design applications.

The quality of our netting is unmatched in the United States.  Let us know what you need...we can help.


Although many products have industry standard specifications, we can and do make products custom to your specifications.  We are happy to discuss  your individual requirements, hopes and dreams for your own equipment.

Some of Our Products...

Flying Trapeze

BBT has made 54 flying rigs units which are complete from anchors to belts, tape and chalk.  All parts and hardware are made in the USA.  International shipping available by air or ocean.

Show Rig

Show Rigs are 20' tall with a 12' crane bar and made with heavy duty aluminum just like we use with the flying rigs. They come complete with anchors, cable ratchets, guy wires, hardware and three eye bolts.

$2,000 plus shipping


Flying trapeze nets in black or white.  Material is premium knotless nylon with your choice of BBT LD 400 lb break, BBT HD 600 lb break or BBT Mega HD 1,000 lb break strength.  Nets are complete with spreaders and aprons.

Single/Double Trapeze

Stainless steel bar with cable inside beautiful four strand cotton rope.  Bar width and length of ropes made to customer specs.

Bungee Pack

Beautiful 4" stainless web shackles with HD bungee cord and Sunbrella Plus cover.  Perfect for net side spreaders to give maximum bounce and add longevity to your net.

Twisting Belt

If you're looking for an affordable alternative for a twisting belt this is the answer.  Weighs only 4 lbs and less cumbersome than the expensive ball bearing model.  Originally designed more than 30 years ago for flying trapeze.  $395 plus shipping.

Swing Eye Bolts

US made eyebolt with bearing and Crosby SA shackle.

Safety Belts

By far the best safety belts available for flying trapeze.

Catch Trapeze

There's a reason the busiest flying schools  use BBT catch traps.  Their durability and strength are unmatched!

Double-Wide Pedestal Board

An all aluminum and stainless construction provides sleek design and the double width allows maximum room to move around.

Fly Bar

Stainless material with C & C finish on eye creates smooth transition to connector.

Our Founder

Bobby Bates began his career with Club Med, where he managed circus programs, produced shows, maintained the circus equipment,trapeze nets and rigging, trained instructors and helped to expand the activity throughout the resort chain.

Subsequently, Bobby spent several years touring as a professional aerialist, stuntman and trainer for  Ringling Brothers, Circus Circus and Disneyland.

Upon his retirement as a performer, Bobby resolved to apply his rigging expertise to the manufacture of premium circus equipment.

Bobby's Big Top, Inc. has since grown to become the industry leader in providing equipment to resorts, schools, camps and professionals.  BBT has set new standards in quality, safety and maintenance  that are unrivaled in the world.