Bobby's Big Top, Inc.
Portable Show Rig $1,995. Click Here for Photo.

- Heavy duty 20' aluminum uprights.
- Heavy duty 12' aluminum crane bar.
- Four 1/4" stainless steel guy wires.
- Four galvanized 5/8" x 12" turnbuckles
- Galvanized anchors auger type,
   tent stakes available upon request.
- Two eyebolts for hanging single and
   double trapeze, spanish web, etc.

Products: (click on product below to view)

- Flying Trapeze
- Triple Trapeze
- Double Trapeze with Cotton Rope
- Single Trapeze with Cotton Rope
- Single Trapeze with Double Braided Nylon Rope
- Double Single Trapeze
- Cradle
- Eyebolts with bearings for swinging trapeze
- Safety Belts
- Lyra
- Catch Trapeze
- Double Wide Pedestal Board
- Fly Bar
- Climb Rope

- Hiring & training of circus staff
- Daily inspection checklist
- Semi-annual inspections

BBT uses only US made hardware and products to manufacture the safest and most durable equipment on the market.


We don't just sell equipment, We sell circus programs...
Our programs offer the most popular and exciting circus activities and the support you need to make them succeed.

BBT, Inc. stocks netting in several sizes and colors; (1) extra heavy duty netting made exclusively for BBT, Inc. perfect for Resorts, circus schools and summer camps (2) a lighter professional grade with 1 3/8" squares which replaces the old #72 knotless nylon no longer manufactured.  BBT, Inc. is the world leader in Flying Trapeze nets with over 6,000 lbs sold last year alone so it's no wonder that the top circus companies have come to rely on BBT, Inc. for their netting needs.